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Class Information
We teach groups or one-to-one tuition 7 days a week

For class details please contact teacher

DEBBIE'S Classes 07914 230607

Call Debbie for programme


NICKY’S classes


8am till 9.30 am        Highgate..(call to book)        General


12.00-1.00 .........British Heart Foundation hatha

1.00-2.00............British Heart Foundation dynamic


8.00-9.30am .........Highgate (call to book) General

1.30-3pm ..........Laboratory Hendon ............gentle

These sessions enable students to get more depth and understanding of their postures.  Traditionally, yoga was often taught individually, and our special attention can motivate you to deepen your practice…..Book a short course to help you recover from injury, improve on specific techniques, or get back on track after a break.


Contemporary London office work often means sitting at a computer for hours which can lead to poor posture, and blocked energy in the nervous system running through the spine.

It is very important to prevent acute injury and we can give you an individual programme to strengthen, and ease back pain, and remedial exercises to help maintain strength and fitness in the whole body, inside and out.  

Come and see for yourself!
Contact us to arrange a visit, just one hour a week could make a big difference to your working lifestyle and improve your general fitness, stress levels and sense of well-being.


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Whatever you do
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